Insurance Claims

Steps to making your insurance claim process simple.

1. Verify Roof Damage through Professional Inspection

It is important to have a contractor or other professional verify the damage.  PHC will assess your roof, siding and gutters and document the details of the damages.

2. Contact Insurance Company

After we assess your roof damage, either you or we, the contractor, will contact your insurance company to provide details and set up a time to meet with the insurance adjuster. PHC will be happy to handle your entire claim from start to finish or we can help you through the process to ensure you make the right decisions.

3. Verify Details and Begin Roofing Work

It is important to verify details such as cost and roofing material selection. Most likely your insurance company will pay you directly and then you will pay PHC Roofing. Our guarantee is to install your new roof as per your insurance company’s specifications and pricing.